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A Message from the CAA President

13 Jan 2015 09:27 | Anonymous

A Message from the CAA President

DATE:            January 11, 2015

TO:                 The Citadel Alumni Association Membership

FROM:           Scott Tucker, President, The Citadel Alumni Association

RE:                  Combat Ring


The issue of the “Combat Ring” has resulted in a major uproar, within the membership. Regrettably, much of the information out there is just wrong. I would like to set forth the facts on that ring and advise all of you as to the action already planned by your Executive and Ring Committees to insure the integrity of “The Ring”.

First, the action taken by the Board to approve this was in response to requests for a “combat ring”. The service academies and VMI provide this service to their graduates on the basis of individual requests. The combat ring was intended to be available to our graduates in service to our country. Many of these individuals do not want to risk losing their “Citadel Rings” in faraway lands. It was seen as a service to those brave graduates willing to risk the ultimate sacrifice for our county. However, you do not have to be in the military to request the combat ring. It is of course available to all who would request it and are qualified.

There are two primary qualifications to be eligible for this combat ring. First, you must be qualified to wear “The Citadel Ring” and second, you must own one. There is no program to push this service but only to offer it upon request. To date, we have sold a total of “0”  combat rings.

Actions to address your concerns have already been put in motion. The Ring Committee is already set to meet this week. Their report will be advanced to the Executive Committee and then both committees will report to the Board of Directors at the meeting set for 10:00 Saturday morning, January 31st.  Until this issue is resolved, the President has immediately suspended the sale of these rings and any requests will be put on hold. Currently, there are none.

You are strongly encouraged to contact your District Director and make your wishes known to him or her.


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